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Fuel, for your home or business

From the beginning of 2005 REVOIL has maintained a cooperation with the Technological Laboratory for fuels and lubricants of the N.M.P.U. (National Metsovio Polytechnic University) with the aim of checking and ensuring of the highest quality fuels which it provides from it’s stations.

Recognizing the need of the consumer for the ensuring of quality fuels at competitive rates and without compromising quantity, on 21st February 2008 REVOIL was the first Company in all of Greece that participated in the quantity control of it’s fueling stations by the N.M.P.U.


Researchers and Control Experts that are a part of N.M.P.U. Team take samples from the pump and through the method of liter-measurement ensure the sampled quantity. The process is the same for the quality control. The controls that the fuels are subjected to are based on spot checks that are conducted independently from REVOIL at times and places that the Polytechnic Team chooses without any warning.


Oikoplus Oil for the heating needs of your home or business

The best quality, always at the best price!

True to its promices, REVOIL is always next to the consumer, and this year, offering "warmth" with the best quality heating oil, at the best market price.

Contact us now, and place your order easily and quickly and benefit with: 

  • The most competitive prices.
  • Excellent quality and guaranteed delivery quantity.
  • The execution of your order at times best serving you.


The Oikoplus Oil of REVOIL is the most modern, reliable and economical heating proposition, because it ensures:

  • Increase in efficiency due to improved combustion: With smaller quantity of oil you have the same thermal effect as that of the conventional.
  • Energy saving due to the burner purity: Reduction of deposits on the combustor walls, and removal of existing deposits.
  • Cleaning cost savings and burner maintenance: No more hard and sticky deposits of soot. The combustor walls are coated with a thin, dry residue that is easily removed.
  • Less exhaust gas, a substantial reduction of pollutant emissions: Through improved combustion reaction exhaust emissions are minimized.
  • Better control during the filling process of the reservoir: Reduction of foaming during the filling process of the reservoir.


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Fuel Specifications (PDF)

Fuel Specifications PDF

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